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Version 2As you may have heard, we’ve started a new nonprofit called YOUTHRIVE to support our foster youth as they transition to adulthood. On Thursday evening we held our first information session for youth interested in participating in our program. Twenty-two attended, and even more are sending us an RSVP for our second session in a couple of weeks. We also have well over 30 individuals and families that have come forward to volunteer as Support Families for the youth.  We are incredibly excited about the level of interest we are seeing.

However, the challenge we face is that we don’t yet have the funding needed to support all of these youth for our pilot program.  To date, we only have funding for 16 to participate. I’m personally unwilling to turn away any young person that is seeking support for their transition to adulthood. Are you?

We are entering the final weekend of our campaign to raise $34K to support 25 youth in our pilot program. I remain confident in the resolve of the KC community to join us in this mission and make the full investment needed to support all of these youth.

I also want to share a little more about myself. You need to know that I am “all in” for these youth. My journey started with our family adopting, fostering, and serving as a Support Family for foster teens. Feeling compelled to do more, late last year I left a comfortable executive position at Sprint with the explicit intent of finding a way to help more foster youth in their transition to adulthood. I have agreed to not receive any compensation at all during the pilot program. My wife, Suzanne and I have personally pledged to cover all legal, marketing, and other start-up expenses so that 100% of your donations will go directly to supporting the youth in our program.

So now in the final days of our campaign, Suzanne and I want to make an offer to match all donations to ensure that we don’t have to turn away any interested youth.  Specifically, we pledge to match all donations dollar for dollar up to $10,000.

I’m not sharing this information to receive personal recognition. I share it simply because I want to be completely transparent with you about my motives and my commitment. Donating money toward any cause demands that you trust the leaders with the stewardship of your investment. I hope what I’ve shared is a good first step in earning your trust, and compelling you to consider a donation.

Please join me in investing in our youth so that they all have the opportunity to thrive in adulthood.  Thank you!  Donate Now

Tim Gay
YOUTHRIVE Founder & President
[email protected]

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Open Letter to KC Community: Please join me in investing in our foster youth.

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