Youthrive has created a new program named MyPath that is designed to equip and support our foster youth as they transition to independence.  This program supplements known best practices across the country with youth-centered research locally.  Our innovative approach will integrate all of the key program components below.

  • Transition Team: Recruit, train, and support adult and family volunteers from the community that will commit to coaching and supporting foster youth through the end of their first year out of foster care.  Learn more: Our Support Model
  • Financial: Provide financial literacy education and a matched savings account (IDA) for purchasing productive assets and other critical financial needs.  Learn more: Matched Savings
  • Transportation:  Provide assistance with driver’s education, driver’s license attainment, and car purchases.
  • Youth Empowerment: Develop leadership and advocacy skills.
  • Incentives: Provide short-term rewards for program participation and completion.
  • Collaboration:  Partner with other service providers in our community to assist the youth with education, housing, and employment opportunities.

Our program is presently focused on supporting youth transitioning out of foster care in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas.

MyPath Program Flyer: Youth Flyer

Are you a young adult that is interested in participating?  Participate

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